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After using Blogger for few years in the college years, and few years without Internet at rural New Zealand , I have finally decided to learn about

  • VPS or Virtual Private Server,
  • Ubuntu, or Linux
  • Nginx, which is web server
  • Online Automation, for marketing
  • Current SEO Practices in the year 2015
  • Social Media Marketing etc

This is my 1st Full Fledged WordPress Blog Running on my own personal Server, Using Amazon AWS cdn for Media, On Ubuntu VPS server running Speedy Nginx. I Have tried my best to configure Nginx for faster Website Delivery for this i have used the following

  • CDNs, AWS for Media and Cloudflare for Website and Security.
  • NGNIX running on Ubuntu server using simple easyengine platform.
  • Nginx modules on easyengine for speedpage for google. for high 91% seo for speed Score.
  • CGI Fast Cache for server-side Page Cache.
  • CloudFlare Page Cache enabled in front of AWS Cloudfront

For marketing i have used the following.

  • Automatic Content publishing via Jetpack and IFTTT
  • SEO for Yoast
  • Plugins for Meta Tags

For VPS i have used the following

  • Digital Oceans Smallest Droplet running Ubuntu

I will be learning a lot more about wordpress and want to develop many online communities around topics of my interest to help every one.

I have also learned that if you plan and serious about your own personal blog i would recommend not using slower shared hosting services ,

VPS is cheap on single Digital Ocean’s 5$ Droplet running Easyengine with CDN you can effectively run 30 to 50 websites with media hosted on a CDN.

CDN is very important for Media as its faster than self hosted server, and gives a global delivery at faster speeds.


Any Questions Ask.

I am Here to help


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