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Topic “Poetic Empowerment”

My Speech

Some Empower Us with Art , Some with Science, some with their wisdom, some with the things they do in the life.
Table topics or Impromptu speech empowers us in becoming more confident speaker.
I feel empowerment begins with Knowledge, eg Toastmasters Empower us with Ability to speak better.
Well I am empowered by Technology, We now live in the best time Humans have ever been.
We are empowered with by first Industrial revolution and than in our current age with Information Revolution
Finally we are empowered with Love, from our parents family members, kids and friends.

I like this Quote By Brigham Young
You Educate a Man, You educate a man, You educate a woman, You educate a Generation.

Table topics

Empowering others

If you have to empower your own kids or grand kids what would it be & why?

Eg i would like to empower my kids with Sports swimming football and art etc


Sometimes you think or dream If I was a Prime Minister or Member or Parliament you would do this or that for empowerment of,can be any one youth, women, children ? and what it would be & Why?


Some Like to Empower People with Books Some with Information like write blogs Infographics on Pinterest , some with the work they do like teaching

If you have to contribute to the society with empowerment what it will be and in what way?


I watched X men recently and some times i wished i had some supernatural abilities

If you have supernatural abilities, what one thing you would do to empower someone and why?


Funny Empowerment

If you have to empower one thing in your spouse or GF what it would be ?


Leadership also Empowers

My current motivational leader is the current PM of India and American President, Introduction of World Yoga Day, International Day for Non Violence, Swachh Bharat, Stand Up India (Business Start ups) Made in India,
Has Any Leader help you in any empowerment and why ?


Empowering your Soul with Peace and calm, I Do Pranayama / A type of Yoga in which you use Breathing for Inner Peace and relaxation. What skills and talents do you think you will have to offer your soul for its work towards empowering others? It can be a Hobby it can be some art like singing writing etc


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