Limited, For First 50 Customers  we are offering our Services for as low as 1 $, for any Business who wish to set up their Blog or website Linked with Social Media includes Google Plus Business Page Category listings,  All Social Media Setup Automation and Integration.

Other Services Offered, Charges as per Productivity Hours,

Cloud File Hosting

Business Email Setup

Google Apps for Business *

CRM via Hesk, Customer complains Ticketing etc

Piwik or Google Analytics  for analytics.


Limited offer Only Includes setup upto 5 hrs of Productivity time at a special price of 1 $,  you bring your own content and Digital assets.

Every extra hour of productivity  17 $ flat includes GST, valid only upto Dec 2015

Domain and Hosting costs extra, we only use specific hosts and domain name registrars.

Business Analysis, Business Intelligence 1st sessions Productivity value of 15 mins, is offered for free.

Because this is a very broad field  our charges vary from 17 to 40 $  Per productive Hour depending on scope of project,

We also provide  monthly commitment contracts , we are working on it now.


*Productivity hours are per person.

*We May outsource Certain Tasks with your consideration. via Industry expert

*Hosting Only Via DreamHost

* &.nz domains only from

*.com Domains only from